Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas 2014 update

In the past I have confined my blog to my paintings. As I have not posted anything for a while I would like to explain my absence and restart my blog. I have not had a very good year. I moved into residential care in May because I was physically unable to care for myself.  I am very content here,  still in the village where I have lived for thirteen years, and my daughter-in-law Sally-Ann lives just across the road. Her husband, my son Mike, died in June and she has been a great comfort to me. I did manage to show some pictures at the August exhibition of the local art club, and sold two. The art club has made me an honorary member, I am the eldest in age and longest serving member. I hope with the help of Sally-Ann to post a few paintings in the near future. Best wishes to you all for a Happy Christmas.

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  1. Thank you for the update, glad you are still painting and have a Happy Christmas.